Supportive Psychotherapy

Supportive psychotherapy simply means working with a therapist where you are free to speak without being judged or criticized. It is about working with a therapist who you are matched well with on a personality level and who has experience in helping individuals with your particular life situation/situations.

The therapist is someone in whom you feel a “click” with; someone you believe truly cares about you. The therapist will listen and provide feedback, wisdom, education, guidance and tools to help you. They will be someone who can help you express your thoughts and feelings and gain insight into yourself and your situation. In so doing, you will find relief and healing and growth.

When we use the term “supportive psychotherapy”, we mean the above without the use of specific “action therapies” ( ie: gestalt therapy, EMDR, The Journey, Hypnotherapy, etc.)

Important to note is that some people want or need supportive psychotherapy without the use of specific techniques and modalities. We understand this and respect it. Also important to note is that all our counseling sessions involve supportive psychotherapy, as well as cognitive and behavioral therapy and are supplemented with “action therapies”.