Imago Therapy

Imago therapy is a couples technique based on Harville Hendrix’ book “Getting the Love you Want”. It involves the idea that we come into relationships with wounds from childhood or past relationships that affect our current relationships. (Society likes to call this “baggage”. That term seems quite judgemental).

Harville Hendrix devised a couples’ dialogue that helps couples to communicate to their partner in a non-judgemental way and in a way in which they communicate their feelings and heart to the other. In addition to communicating the issues that may be upsetting to you, there is an opportunity to have that need met or that situation changed through directly communicating your feelings and specific needs. The other partner at this point makes a decision to attempt to meet your need and fulfill your requests through concrete means.

You may be very interested in reading the book. If you find you resonate with what he has written, then having a therapist work with you and your spouse in couples therapy using the concepts and techniques that the author outlines, may prove to be a very useful healing tool for your marriage.