Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt therapy focuses on the “Here and Now” in the sense that the therapist helps you discover what you are currently experiencing in your mind, emotions and body in the moment. It is also based on the premise that we come to know and understand ourselves based on our relationships to people and things.

A simple technique used in Gestalt therapy “role play”. This role playing can involve yourself and a loved one, a friend, a boss (as in the example above under “Psychodrama”), a co-worker, in-law, etc. or you can have a dialogue with different aspects of yourself. The latter might involve you speaking to the part of you who feel powerless around your parent, spouse, boss, etc., or it may involve an exploring of the part of you that reaches for the food or alcohol, or the part of you that lashes out in anger of finds her/himself depressed.

Through the use of this particular technique of Gestalt therapy, people find themselves discovering new and important insights (“light bulb” moments) about themselves, the other person involved or the situation in general. Through this technique, one may find better ways of handling that particular situation or person. Most importantly, Gestalt therapy and the various concepts and techniques it employs will undoubtedly help you to heal, grow and change your life in a very powerful way.