Gender Identity and LGBTQ

Gender Identity

If you are struggling with Gender Identity issues than you probably find yourself identifying with the opposite sex. This can be confusing and disturbing. You may very well be feeling as though you are the opposite sex yet trapped in the body. Most people know that they have a gender identity problem by the time they become teenagers.

If you or your child is struggling with Gender Identity issues, we have therapists on staff who specialize in these types of issues. Help your child by getting them into counseling with an experienced LGBTQ and Gender Identity Therapist. Make life easier for yourself by having someone to talk to who understands and can guide you. Help your child navigate the confusion they are feeling by reaching out to a therapist who understands these issues.

Perhaps you as a parent may want to speak to someone to better understand what your child is going through.


You may have anxieties and insecurities about your LGBTQ identity that are affecting your life, and your relationships. Your adolescent child may often face shame or rejection at school, at home or in the community. You or your child sadly also face a higher risk of bullying. Stigma induced shame and guilt often results in depression, anxiety, and/or persistent emotional upset.

The more support you or your child have at home, at school, from friends, from their therapist the less stress you/he/she will experience and the easier it will be for you or your child to experience the peace and happiness that comes from knowing your/their value and lovability.

Inner Light Counseling has several experienced LGBTQ therapists on staff who are both experienced and knowledgeable about the real struggles a LGBTQ individual faces. They care and they want to help.