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The therapists at Inner Light are committed to helping our clients heal, grow and improve the quality of their lives. We will make every effort to accommodate you in a time slot that best suits your schedule. That time slot will be yours every week and will not be changed by the therapist unless she has an extreme emergency. This is done in an effort to help you get the most out of your therapy because we know consistency and routine structure are important to the success of your treatment.

We have found that clients receive the most help and make the most progress when they have the best structure and a serious commitment to therapy on a weekly basis.


Your therapy session will run 55 minutes and your counselor will adhere to this time frame. This will allow her/him to complete necessary record keeping and to prepare for your subsequent visit. We ask you to respect this time frame.

Your payment or co-payment is to be paid in full at the time of each session. Kindly have a credit card available in the event that you have neglected to bring your check or cash. We are sensitive to our clients’ financial situation and thus we may reduce fees if needed. We recommend that anyone with financial concerns include a goal of reaching higher financial security in the Treatment Plan, which will be set up with your therapist. In this way, we can help empower you to increase your finances and enjoy greater financial freedom.


We recommend that when you or your therapist feel you are ready to terminate that you give the therapist two-week notice. This protects you from abandoning yourself should the reason for termination be an unconscious resistance to move to another level of growth and healing. The two-week notice also allows you time to review your progress, put proper closure on your treatment, and say goodbye.

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